connect and collaborate

Flexible spaces for everyone

Be up to date with the information that matters. Feeds give everyone a voice so you can work on an activity, project, and start to speak to everybody in your organization.

Put your typing to good use

Simple one-on-one and group messaging to quickly reach every member of your team – either individually or in organized spaces – get your work done faster.

Memories at work, framed

Easily save and share the moments that matter. Photos are automatically organized and searchable so your colleagues can find the photos they’re looking for.

Share ideas, make decisions

Bring the right people and information together in discussions to bring order and clarity to work – you can create them for every project, topic or team. 

Make the most out of your questions

Collectively decide on questions posed by other people in the community. You can also easily create your own poll and see the results instantly.

In-sync to work

Create separate groups for each team or project, invite the right people, and start posting updates, files, photos, and videos.



Everyone gets their own profile when they join CavenX to share details about themselves.


Host virtual events that wow your audience. All of the event details are right there when you need them.

Mark as Important

Mark posts as important when you need to make sure that everyone sees them.

Start today with CavenX

Get personalized help from a real human for your organization.

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