CavenX Meet

Communicate with peers

privately and securely.


Bring everyone together

Invite the people that you work with outside your organization.

Customize the devices

View, modify and update settings for Meet hardware.

Navigate through keys

Focus on your delivery while hotkeys help you through the process.

Educate and entertain using multiple screenshares.

Create enriching virtual classrooms.

Enterprise-grade E2EE

CavenX Meet gives you strong encryption, compliance visibility, and control for files, messages, and whiteboards. Information is secure with encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, and device management.

Collaboration without interruption, just inspiration.

Share/stream YouTube to share a story, exchange values, and broaden your reach.

What's included?

Whiteboard (Beta)

Start a whiteboard and brainstorm together. Design a research project, illustrate key concepts, and leave feedbacks easily.

Telephone Dial-in

Have the meeting call you directly. Join CavenX Meet via call (using a cellular-network based phone).

Virtual Background (Beta)

Place yourself in a virtual room with immersive backgrounds. Browse and add them to your meetings!

Start today with CavenX

Get personalized help from a real human for your organization.

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