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Transforming how educators and learners learn, work, and innovate together.

Dark mode + distraction-free learning

Quizzes that everyone enjoys answering

Interactive quizzes are a fantastic way to analyze, and grade learners.

Discover a broad selection of quiz types – single answer, multiple-choice, sorting, matching, fill-in-the-blank, free text, survey, and essay questions.

Grade consistently and transparently

Save time grading and focus more on guiding learners to turn in their best work. Manage and assess progress, enhancing connections with learners from home, or on the go.

What's included?


Look for an important file, a conversation from years ago, and reduce repetitive questions by searching instead.


When even the smallest lesson feels like a victory, it’s easy to keep going. Give a sense of purpose and progress.

Drip-course feed

Bulk upload your content library and unlock all at once, or choose to drip-feed (schedule).

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Get personalized help from a real human for your organization.

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