The icon has a solid, contrasting fill which allows for visual definition and contrast against photographic andnpatterned backgrounds.

In these guidelines, you'll find how to utilize our image and brand assets, please respect these rules as they apply to all media including broadcasts, tournaments, press notes and social media. Do not alter any of the logo proportions and keep them free of filters and effects.






Clearspace Rules

A minimum clearspace rule has been created to make sure the logo always has clear visibility in application and ensures the logo never gets cropped off in print. The following clearspace rules are a minimum guide that should always be followed.

Social icons

Looking to represent your presence on CavenX, either alone or alongside other social icons? It’s preferred that our logo is free of a container, but you’ll also find the options to use a circle, square, or square with rounded corners. 

Clearance Rules

CavenX text logo clearspace is equal to 50% of the icon height.

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